About BTD

Bloons Tower Defense Games

are one of the most addictive games and at the same time they are very challenging and exciting, in front of you are five parts of this very popular game and in each of them you can find something new and the goal is the same in each part and it is to prevent Bloons to come from point A to point B by building Towers who will destroy them. If you are someone who likes to build, to use tactics, stop waves of enemies then this is the right game for you, try any of them because each is special in its own way. These games are completely free and available to you 24/7 without any registration or installation you can play this popular Tower Defense Games.

How To Play Bloons TD Games

The main task in Bloons TD games is to stop bloons to come from point A to point B, and in order to stop them it is necessary to destroy them using a tower that you have at your disposal, each tower has its own special function, for example: Dart Tower shoots a single draft, Track Tower shoots volley of tacks in 8 directions, Ice Tower are freezing nearby bloons, keep in mind that frozen bloons are immune to darts and tacks, next is Bomb tower that launches a bomb that explodes on impact and finally Super Monkey Tower that shoots a continuous stream of darts and can mow down even the fastest and most stubborn bloons. These are some of the main Towers that you can build and you will have them in every part of this exciting game. Keep in mind that each tower costs a certain amount of money to build, you get your money by destroying Bloons, so destroy Bloons as much as possible to get a larger amount of money. Each next level will be more difficult than the previous one, which means that you will at some point have to make tactical using Towers by building them at a certain place. Make the biggest score and stop Bloons that is your main task in these games!

Conclusion For Bloons TD

If you like tower defense games then you will definitely be pleased by these games, these games have what would you like to have in every tower defense game, a great variety of tower which you can build, special towers, various types of tracks as well as the option to create tracks for your taste and much much more which this Bloons T D Games can provide for you. Also you can play other games Poop Games Dexy Games. Good fun is guaranteed!